The Company

Invene is a boutique software development firm specializing in the healthcare industry. Our team of US-based engineers, project managers, and UX designers help our clients build new products that are 10x better than the competition. Our goal is to make every client a market leader.

17217 Waterview Pkwy Suite 1.202, Dallas, TX 75252





James runs Invene’s day-to-day operations. His specialties include embedded systems, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. He is an OZY Genius Award Recipient, entered college at 16 on a full-ride scholarship, and graduated with top-honors in Computer Science.

When he’s not working on Invene, he’s trying to revolutionize the education space with AI. That, or sleeping.



Jon lends Invene his extensive experience in technology, operations, leadership, and strategic planning. He was CEO/Founder of a technology company doing $125M per year, while never taking outside funding. He eventually exited this business to a publically traded company. Afterwards, he served as the director of the University of Texas at Dallas startup incubator, helping companies raise over $120M during their growth phase.

For fun he is now Entrepreneur-In-Residence at the University of Colorado helping companies with Aerospace Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.